Friday, November 28, 2008

A day for giving thanks!

I love Thanksgiving! It is one of my favorite holidays and this year was no exception. It was so great. Brent and Krissi and their kids spent the night at our house on Wednesday and we had a blast. We talked, we laughed, we cooked, we ate, we stayed up late (adults until 2 a.m., kids until 4 a.m.), we cooked some more, we laughed some more, we ate some more........
Great food, great times and great memories!

Wednesday night, Brent and Krissi made exactly 96 rolls.
And they were delicious!
Kevin and Andrew made a yummy banana pudding

Doesn't that turkey look good enough to eat?
And the kids aren't bad looking either.
We cooked the turkey in the roaster this year to save
the oven for the other dishes. It turned out so juicy.

Everyone ready to dig in.
After all the preparation time, I told everyone that they had to take more than 10 minutes to eat. They all did a good job; it took at least 30 minutes. And that didn't include pie time.

Here come the after feast pictures:

Brent and Krissi checking out the Black Friday ads

Alex, Henry, Megan, and Holly hanging out watching a movie
(the picture turned out kind of blurry.)

Andrew, Zaron, and Kevin watching the Cowboys game

Hopefully I don't get killed for posting the next three pictures. I couldn't resist.

Brent resting from his hard labors

Samantha catching a few zzzzs.

Jill in dream land.
Thanks guys for the yummy food and the fun times!!


Krissi said...

Why is it that you can post pictures of Brent and he doesn't get all grumpy? Where as I get in all kinds of trouble. Oh well, we had lots of fun. Thanks for inviting us the food was very yummy. The pies were plentiful. I'm still full! I think I will quit asking for pies for a while.:)Sam is looking forward to her birthday we will have to figure that out and Christmas. Talk to you soon.

Annie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. It was fun to get a call from Zaron. I am in serious truoble still so let's keep that on the down low, k! Let's get together sometime.

Amber said...

Look at you already posting Thanksgiving festivities...good job! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

The Larson Family said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! Your Mom told me about how you cooked your turkey! You've come a long way since our U of U Thanksgiving! You'll have to teach me how to do the brine thing! (I don't know how you spell it). Anyway, did you all go Black Friday Shopping? Looks like you all had a ton of fun!

Amos said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun with a lot of food involved. Sounds Great!!! We sure missed you here though!!! Love ya.

Race Fam said...

How fun! Love the sleeping pictures, I always wish I could relax like that on Thanksgiving but it never works out!

Carl and Mel said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! It's so fun for you to have family around and that you could STAY home for Thanksgiving! So jealous.

Emily said...

Love the post food pics! If they fall asleep in your house, beware. They are free game! Sounds like y'all had so much fun. Just like holidays should be.