Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

I love holidays, but I wouldn't say that Halloween is one of my favorites. I love trick or treating and I love all the candy. I don't love spending $30 or more dollars on a costume for one night. I know, I'm such a cheap skate. So because of this, my kids have learned that they need to be creative when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

This year Kevin got a $5 wig and $3 glasses.
He never did figure out what he was, but I think he looks pretty cool. He did win the best costume prize at a class party. Thus, proving my point that you don't have to be a big spender to be a winner.
Holly got a $3 grass skirt (which ended up breaking and falling off by the end of the night, thank goodness for shorts underneath, what did I expect for 3 bucks, I'm not sure), a Leigh that was in the basement, a borrowed hair flower, and a homemade coconut top (the coconut shells were from sorbets that we bought at Costco last summer, delicious).
I think she's a super cute hula girl.

By day, Megan was a Gothic girl and by night she was a witch. She went to school dressed in Gothic attire and her friends told her she looked really scary. She decided that for trick or treating, she didn't want to look so scary and she went as a witch. It's good to know that witches aren't that scary. We scored big with Megan this year. Her cape was a black trash bag and her hat was from the basement. Her Gothic costume was leftover from her sister's costume last year. Net cost - $0!!!!

This year Jill wanted to be batman. Being the big spender that I am, I bought her a $2 mask, $1 black gloves, $1 black snow cap that I was going to going to turn into the pointy black batman cap, a yellow belt made out of some leftover fabric, and a cape from the basement. In theory and in my mind, this was totally going to work. Well, the mask looked more like Zorro, the cap ended up looking like Mickey Mouse, and the cape had huge holes in it. Sorry, Jill we'll have better luck next year. I think we'll look into renting a costume.

Last night, Jill was going trick or treating with her friends later in the evening. Therefore, she wasn't ready to have her picture taken before I left to take the two little girls trick or treating. I left the camera with Zaron and told him to get her picture before she left. Well, the first thing Jill told me this morning when she woke up, was "I got out of having to have my picture take last night, nanner, nanner." She did end up wearing the black snow cap, the gloves, the mask, the cape, and the belt and she told everyone she was batman, but she wouldn't let Zaron take her picture. What a stinker!!

But, I didn't want to leave Jill out on my Halloween post, so here is Jill when she was four years old, all dressed up as a nurse for her preschool Halloween party in Michigan.
Isn't she adorable!! Nanner, Nanner, Jill


Race Fam said...

Cute costumes! I need to come visit your basement next year for my kids costumes!

Krissi said...

Cute! As long as you get the candy that is all that counts. Right?

Carl and Mel said...

You are so creative, I will let my kids come to you next year :) Jill is ADORABLE in that last picture, man time flies! I saw you playing for primary today, you are so good!! You are so talented at the piano! I left early. Kevin looks awesome! I love the wig and glasses and how creative with Holly and Megan. Clever Clever!! I should have gone trick or treating with you and talked the whole time like last year!!

The Larson Family said...

What a fun creative Halloween! Your kids are all so cute! I love Jill's picture at the end! Cute cute cute!

Amos said...

You deserve a prize for being creative with what you have and using little or no money. Way to go!! Cute picture of little Jilly.

Omer Family said...

Oh my little Jilly! Who would have ever guessed, that was a treat for me to see her like that! :)