Monday, December 1, 2008

We survived the gingerbread house.....barely

Whoever said that making a gingerbread house with your family would bring you closer together? Well, maybe no one has ever said that. Actually, no one should ever say that. I bought a gingerbread house kit last year around this time with the hopes of making it with my kids. Well, I kept putting it off and putting it off until July when I looked in the pantry, saw the box and realized "Oh hey, we never put that house together". And I threw the box away. Well, today at the store I bought another one and decided that we'd put it together tonight for family night. What a great idea! I've been trying to start new traditions with my family so I thought this could be one of them. After tonight's experience, I'm seriously rethinking this tradition.
After dinner, we quickly cleaned off the table, turned on the Christmas music and opened the gingerbread house kit box.
Oh, and then it began..... "Stop touching!", "Get away!", "When do I get a turn!", "I said stop touching!", "Don't put that there!", "What are you doing!", "I don't want to put that there!", "Be quiet!", "Why are we doing this anyway!", "You're not my boss!".....
I'm sure you get the idea.
I wanted to get a picture of the kids with their masterpiece,
their very first gingerbread house.
Well, as you'll see it was a process to get that picture.
Ignore the blurriness in some of the pictures; the camera was acting up. It couldn't have had anything to do with the person taking the pictures.


Now on to finding more new traditions! Wish me luck!


Carl and Mel said...

HILARIOUS!!! The pictures are CLASSIC!!! Holly looks thrilled! We started this tradition about 5 years ago with Carl's mom and it didn't last more than one year. It was a NIGHTMARE! Have I ever told you I HATE gingerbread houses :) Anyways, I can't wait to see you today, if you have any new traditions pass them on my way!

Jo said...

We've done what we call our graham cracker village for several years now. Everyone involved gets their own graham cracker house, church, school etc. They aren't too hard to build for the older kids. And everyone gets to do whatever they want. We use old halloween candy and graham crackers, and of course frosting, lots of frosting. I googled gingerbread house cement for the recipe. We keep it on a card table for display until after Christmas. We love it! It's become a tradition and now it involves friends and family too (We're actually doing ours this Sunday, if you want to check my blog and see it ;)
Cute Family, btw. I saw your link on Stacy's site.

Krissi said... Do you see now why I am the boss when it comes to the Ginger Bread House. It is mine! Don't touch! You can point but I have the right to ignore where you point to. It makes the whole process an awesome family project.

I just have to say this too, the word verification is zabraccu, sometimes I think the people of blogger are messing with us all. zabraccu that word is going to be stuck in my head all day.

Annie said...

Those pictures say a thousand words for sure. So funny!

go_laura said...

Okay - that is SO FUNNY! Jill looks darling in the pictures, and all the other kids look like they want to scratch their eyes out. HOW FUNNY! I'll take your advice and opt NOT to do the gingerbread house :)

Omer Family said...

LOL! Awesome pics, those faces say it all! We do this as well, however, now you see why everyone gets their own house kit. As they got older...worse! The 32,28,25,22 year olds fight over it worse than the babies! togetherness my eye! Grandma's "eggnog" may be a good idea now!

Emily said...

oh no. I just bought one on Monday. I was saving it for FHE on Monday. Do I dare?

annette said...

we do this every year but we get three and we pair up one little kid with one big kid and then I work with witch ever kid is having a hard time sharing. I have a talk with the two big kids about it not mattering what it looks like in the end. and we should just have fun. it works out great and they love the tradition.

annette said...

BTW, that first picture tells the story. so funny.