Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pilgrims and Indians and Vampires, Oh My!!!

I went to Megan's 3rd grade Thanksgiving program yesterday. Usually when I hear the words school program, my mind says "ugh, do I really have to go". Because I being the supportive mother that I am, would never say this out loud. So it is an understatement to say that yesterday I was sincerely shocked. It was seriously the best 3rd grade program that I have ever seen. It was so cute; I loved every minute of it.

Here is Megan with her friend. They were Native Americans. Aren't they so cute?
The kids sang the cutest songs with the funniest actions.
After the program, I went straight to Orem and spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon Christmas shopping. I'm happy to report that I am completely done with all of my Christmas shopping. Yay, and before Thanksgiving even. That's a first for me!

And finally, I finished the day with another viewing of Twilight. Yes, Jill and I have seen it twice now. We took Shaelee, Jill's friend with us. We felt stupid standing in front of this sign. Oh well, good memories. I have to say that Twilight is even better the second time around, if that is even possible. We totally love it!
And so you don't think we just ditched the rest of our family on the night before the night before Thanksgiving (because this was last night, two days before Thanksgiving), we didn't. Zaron took Kevin, Megan, and Holly to see Madagascar 2 at the same theater. They didn't want their picture taken, but they loved the movie.

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Carl and Mel said...

Carl actually liked the movie a lot! He thought it was different and interesting. Also the action helps. There were tons of guys in the theatre. It must of been all the girl's second time with their husbands. The 4 guys we went with liked it for the most part! Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you!