Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 Stars

Jill and I went to see the 10 pm showing of Twilight last night with her friend Erika and her mom Annette. We had such a blast. The girls wanted to get there at 7:00 because we didn't have reserved seats and they wanted to get the best seats. Well, it paid off. We were second in line and we literally got the best seats in the theater; third row from the top, right in the middle. The waiting time went pretty fast too; we took lots of card games.
I love Skipbo!

Jill and Erika in their Team Edward shirts.
They made these shirts; I think they turned out pretty professional looking.
Annette is so great and she's very fun to be with!
I was kind of skeptical going into the movie because I have become very disenchanted with the Twilight books.
Whoa, was I surprised. The movie was sooo good; better than I even imagined. I think I liked it even better than the book.
I totally want to see it again.
Thanks girls for the fun time!


Emily said...

So fun! and love the "Team Edward" tees. I have read of the books are seen the movie but I'm ready to join the club. Which should I do first? Read or watch?

Krissi said...

IT WAS NOT! so much better then the books. I don't even know you. :( Just kiddin. Looks like you had fun. Can't believe you were some of those crazy people in line for hours.

Carl and Mel said...

You are all cute Twilight fans! I am glad you liked it. Carl's mom and her sisters loved it too and even more than the book, so you are not the only one! James :) They are now making New Moon after making 70 million opening weekend!

Angie said...

It sounds like fun. I'm waiting for the craze to pass before I go. Stephanie, my sister, has already seen it twice though and is planning to see it again this weekend.

Annie said...

I'm a little suprised you liked the movie so much. I'm starting to feel like maybe I'm the only one who thought it was really silly. Glad you had such a good time with your cute girl.