Saturday, August 2, 2008

A visit to Sacramento

While we were in California this summer, we made a trip to Sacramento for three days. We lived in Sacramento for 6 years before we moved to Utah and we made some great friends and memories. We haven't been back to visit since we moved. It was great too see the sights, family and friends.

Here we are with Zaron's grandparents who live in Galt which is 15 miles south of Sacramento
The Sacramento Temple was completed just after we moved. I'm sure the members are loving having a temple so close now. Before this, their temple district was Oakland (a 2 hour drive one way). It was so great to see this beautiful temple completed. Pictured below are our kids and a second cousin: Kevin, Megan, Holly, Olivia, and Jill.
What a cute couple!!
Don't they look like twins? (Holly and Olivia)
Of course, no vacation to California would be complete without a trip to Inn N Out. This was our first of many stops to Inn N Out during our two weeks in California.
When we lived in Sacramento, one of our favorite places to visit was Old Sacramento. This was in front of the candy store where they hand out free samples.

Here are the kids with one of my very favorite aunts, Aunt Di. She is my mom's sister and lives in Sacramento. We spent a day with her swimming, visiting, and eating yummy pizza at Giovanni's Pizzaria. Thanks Aunt Di for the great times and for the delicious peanut butter cookies. We weren't able to share them with anyone in Bakersfield, they didn't make it that far.
This is Zaron's cousin David, his wife Heather and their youngest child Derek. Olivia, pictured above is their daughter. They also have two more boys, Nathan and Mattingly. Thanks guys for letting us crash at your mcmansion for three days. Thanks for the yummy food and the great swimming pool.
Here we are again in Old Sacramento at the school house. My Aunt Di volunteers here and every year we would come during the gingerbread house contest to see Aunt Di and the gingerbread houses. A couple of times, after we were done, Aunt Di would take us out to lunch and on a horse drawn carriage ride to the Capitol. Great memories!!! We tried to do the carriage ride this time, but we were told it was too hot for the horses. Oh wow, I wonder how people used to get around in the olden days when it was too hot to use their transportation. Horses are so spoiled these days.
A true California girl!
They look so smart sitting at the school desks. I hope it didn't ruin Kevin for life, entering a school during summer break.

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