Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last few tidbits of summer

Wow, what a busy, fun summer this has been. I think we are done vacationing for the time being. I can't believe that school is going to start in a little over a week. I thought I would post the last few miscellaneous pictures from our summer. They are all in random order.

While we were in California, Zaron and I went to the L.A. temple with my mom and dad and sister, Amy. We had a very nice time. Zaron and I love going to this temple; we were married here a little over 14 years ago and it's one of our favorites.

Also while in California, we made a spontaeous trip to Magic Mountain. We took Jill and Kevin along with Amy, my sister, and my cousins Becky and Will, and Brad and Lisa. It was just like old times. When I was growing up, every year my Grandpa Davies would take the whole family to Magic Mountain for his birthday. Our favorite thing to do was ride a ride, get off, run around, and get right back on. Good times!!!

Jill and Amy with Flash Gordon and Batman. They thought Flash was cute. We went for a day to a family reunion that Zaron's aunt and uncle had up in Midway. They rented a huge house for all their kids and grandkids. They invited us up for the day. We had a great time. This is a few of the kids on the trampoline.
Tommy's is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world. They serve greasy yummy chili hamburgers and fries. It's sooo good. While growing up, as a youth, after doing baptisms for the dead in the L.A. temple, we would always stop at Tommy's on the way home. So, this summer, after we went to the L.A. temple, we had to make a stop for old time's sake. It was just as good as I remember.

Going to the movies is the best, especially with lots of popcorn and candy.
Grandpa H., Grandma H., Jill, Kevin, Ty, Amy, Sydney, Megan, Holly, and Ambri.
It has become a tradition during our trips to California, to go out to breakfast at the bowling alley. It may not sound appetizing to eat at the bowling alley, but it is delicious.
Here are the kids with Uncle Leslie, Zaron's youngest brother. Everyone loves Uncle Leslie, he's like a kid himself.
I just had to put this picture because it looks Megan is walking on water.
These are my grandparents (the same ones that used to take us to Magic Mountain every year). And actually, when my grandpa heard that we were going to Magic Mountain he was trying to figure out a way so he could go with us. I love my grandparents.


Carl and Mel said...

You took so many good pictures! Don't you think blogging helps you to remember taking them! It was so good hanging out with you today, I wish it could have been longer! You are awesome!

The Homers said...

It looks like you guys have had a very fun and very busy summer!

Amos said...

We sure had fun times with you while you were here. We already miss you tons and can't wait till the next time we get to see you. Ambri keeps talking about the beach trip she went on with you guys. She keeps saying that we should have come too and that it was so much fun. I will have to make sure the rest of us go with you next time. It really looks like you guys had a very eventful and fun summer. Good for you. That's what it's all about. Love you sis!!

Amber said...

SO much fun!! It looks like you have had such a great summer!

go_laura said...

Fun - I feel like I'm going down memory lane w/ you! Looks like you guys had so many fun activities while you were in Cali! Yay for you!

Yang Fam said...

Looks like you need another vacation with all the fun you are having.

william h davies said...

Who are the two OLD PEOPLE your good looking children are sitting in front of? Some great pictures in this blog. Enjoyed looking at all of them.