Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camping at Beautiful Bear Lake

We just got back from camping for three days at Bear Lake with my brother Brent, his wife Krissi, and their kids Samantha, Andrew, Alex, and Henry. We had such a fun time with lots of laughs and we made some great memories. We now know how to fit all of our camping gear in the back of our Sequoia, make hobo dinners for twelve, make peach cobbler in a dutch oven without burning it, and make a delicious dutch oven breakfast fit for twelve hungry campers. The kids played Speed, Skipbo, and Uno for hours and enjoyed the rec. room, playground, and mini golf. It was all so great. We decided while we were there, to make it a tradition every year; camping or cabining at Bear Lake. Thanks guys for the yummy food and the great times!!!

Isn't this view of the lake gorgeous. I don't think a picture can even capture the beauty; it was breathtaking.
Sunbathing on the lake, now this is the life. Especially if you're all covered in sand. Holly loved to get in the water and then roll around in the sand. I'm not quite sure why. The beach access was within minutes of our campsite; it was great.
Andrew, Jill, Samantha, Megan, and Kevin
Henry and Alex
You gotta love Skipbo. Some of the older kids (Jill, Sam, Andrew, and Kevin) tried to pull off an all-nighter on our last night by playing card games. It was all good until Jill and Sam left to go to the bathroom and when they got back, Kevin and Andrew were already asleep. Oh well, maybe next year.

One of the highlights of our trip, besides getting raspberry shakes and yummy shaved ice was renting 6 person bikes and riding along the bike trail. It was hilarious and at times dangerous, especially when all six of the older kids were riding one of the bikes without any adults. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I wished we had a video camera to capture the whole experience and all the screaming. Good times!!!
These bikes aren't as easy as they look. It really gives you a workout.
Playing in the mud, it's great for your skin.
(Henry, Andrew, Kevin, Sam, and Jill)
Alex and Holly were working on the perfect sand castle.
We had two great campsites. We were kind of away from everyone else which made it really nice.


James and Heather English said...

I love Bear Lake! I haven't been there since James and I were dating, so like 8 years ago? Sad! You had raspberry shakes, I am so jealous! Busy busy woman you are!

Amos said...

That looks like you guys had so much fun. I'm jealous. I have always heard great things about Bear Lake. I'm so glad you guys were able to get together.

Carl and Mel said...

Can you stop having fun already? I seriously am jealous in all these activities you are doing. While you were soaking on the beach I was um doing laundry and cleaning!! So jealous. Glad you had fun!!

Race Fam said...

Wow how much time does Zaron actually get off of work, How fun!

Amber said...

That looks like so much fun!!! And now I am craving a raspberry shake....they are the best at Bear Lake! :)