Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it snow! Let it blizzard! Let it snow!

Okay, so I know I live in a state where it snows, but sometimes I wish it wouldn't so much. Yesterday, Jill and I were supposed to meet my Sister-in-law and her daughter in Salt Lake. We were going to go to the movies (to see Twilight, of course), and go out to dinner. It was going to be perfect. We were supposed to meet for the 4:00 showing at the Gateway. My plan was to help with Kevin's class party from 1:00 - 2:00, then send my three youngest home on the bus, pick up Jill from school at 2:15, and then head into Salt Lake.

I left for Kevin's party and the sky was actually partially blue and the sun was starting to peek out. It was perfect.....Or so I thought. That perfectness all changed in a matter of 20 minutes. It seriously started to blizzard like nobody's business. It was nasty. The wind was blowing, the snow was falling, the visibility was zero. I however, was not going to let a huge blizzard keep us from our plans.

I knew when it took me 30 minutes to get to Jill's school, which was two miles away, that our plans were headed downhill, and fast. It was inevitable; the snow was getting the better of me. What makes the story even better (or worse) is that I had called Jill's school so they could tell her not to ride the bus (Jill wasn't aware of the plans when she left for school), and they said they couldn't tell her. What? Are you kidding me! How lame is that. So, unfortunately, by the time I made it to the school, Jill was already on some bus, somewhere. At this point, I was just hoping that I made it home before midnight. The streets were serious parking lots. So, much to our dismay, Jill and I obviously never made it to Salt Lake.

It's just really frustrating when you really want to do something, and then something completely out of your control (like a dang blizzard), keeps you from doing it.

Oh well, what do you do? You go to Little Caesars and get $5 pizzas and bread sticks. That's what we did. Delicious!


Mel said...

Hey Stranger!

We went to a wedding luncheon yesterday in Salt Lake and the skys weren't bad. We came out and it took us 2 hours to get home. It is a good thing that you didn't go! The freeway was a mess!

Amber said...

The roads were so awful! We were supposed to meet a friend up in Riverton to get haircuts and go to dinner. Our plans also fell through! I hate the snow!

The Larson Family said...

Holy Moly!! What are we doing moving at a time like this!!??? We have been checking the weather there everyday and heard about the blizzards!!!! WOW I guess we'd better take advantage of still being able to go running in the morning and riding bikes outside for a few more days!!!!! Good thing you have your super duty SUV now!! I'm glad you got home safe! Do we need a new car???

Krissi said...

lol, I won't tell you that it was smooth selling in SLC because the roads were slick. However, it wasn't too bad. In fact it was a little easier then our trip last friday. Less traffic. :) We missed you guys but I guess it was Brent's fault for changing our plans and then Jill didn't know because of Brent. Everything is his fault! This is how I stay happy. Sam loved the movie and can't wait to talk to Jill about it. She said Jacob was a dork. PLEASE he so is not! Maybe next time the weather will behave itself and we wont let Brent change our plans. See you on Christmas! Bring pie. :) SO KIDDING!

Emily said...

Dang Snow! I've decided that we've had enough winter in the past few weeks to last us the whole year so spring can go ahead and come on. If only mother nature listened to me!

Jaime said...

Nice family! I'm an old friend of Zaron from Edinburg. I just did a name search and saw his picture. Zaron actually still looks the same.

Jaime D. Garza
You can contact me via my work email at if interested in reconnecting.