Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been tagged

Okay, so my sister Amy tagged me ages ago.
Sorry, I'm kind of slow!!
Here goes, I've never done this before:
3 Joys
My husband
My children
Planning for our cruise in March
3 Fears
Losing my husband
Losing one of my children
Not being able to go on the cruise in March
3 Goals
To be a good wife and mother
To finally get all my recipes typed and in a binder
To save enough money for our cruise through substitute teaching
3 Regrets
Not finishing college
Being too shy at times
Quiting the violin
3 Current Obsessions
Saving money for the cruise
Saving money for the cruise
5 Facts about me
I am afraid of the dark and bad guys
I love to stay up late and hate to get up early
I love to do dishes, laundry, and vacuum,
but I very much dislike and hate to dust
I love, love, love surprises
I can't wait for our cruise in March (as if you couldn't already tell)
So, there you have it. ME in a nutshell; whether you wanted me in a nutshell or not!!


Race Fam said...

I'm afraid of bad guys too! That's funny. I am jealous you get to go on a cruise! Are you taking the kids or is it adults only?

James and Heather English said...

How fun!! Mel told me you were going on a cruise! They are so worth every penny. It looks like the both of us will be working for our vacations! haha Work was like deja vu the whole time and definitely a little crazy yesterday because 2 people just didn't show up. Good times. How is the substitute teaching going?

Carl and Mel said...

You think you want to go on that cruise? You definately need to go!! You will. Just book it and then you have to go!

Amber said...

Cruise?? I am so jealous...I want to go on another! Where are you planning on going? You will love it!

annette said...

you are so cute, that was fun to read. you know what I think you should do? go on a cruise.

Amos said...

Good Stuff Sista!! Cruisin!!!! Wow, so just think, you get to go on two cruises in the next two years -- Mexico and Alaska. Awesome!!!
Speaking of bad guys. Troy just called me to make sure we are all okay because he heard on the news that the four surrounding schools are on lock down due to three guys walking around the streets with guns. They were last reported as being seen at the end of our street. Troy called me and told me to lock all the doors and get a weapon out ready to defend myself and kids if necesarry. SCARY --- We need to move really badly. Any houses for sell in your neighborhood?

Emily said...

I'm learning so much about you. I love it. Sisters are great for tags! Congrats on the cruise. All Utahns need a cruise in March after all that winter. Keep us updated.