Sunday, January 11, 2009

Better late than never

We returned a week ago from our Christmas trip to California. We had a really great time once we got past the car sickness and the throwing up. We enjoyed the nice weather and the fog. Since I grew up in California, fog (not snow) always reminds me of Christmas. I'd actually even be okay if I never had a white Christmas, imagine that. We devoured lots of yummy food, which included homemade Chinese, Mexican, and American, a traditional breakfast at the bowling alley, and New Year's Eve homemade clam chowder. Our visit would not have been complete without many competitive games of Perudo, Malarky, Settlers, Apples to Apples and lots of family time.
Here are a few highlights from our trip:

Cousins and sleepovers are the best. It's always the coziest in Grandma's (Nana's) bed.
Hangin' with the cousins.

Great Grandma and Grandpa are the best - Thanks for the delicious prime rib and shrimp cocktail.

Ready, Set......... New Year's Eve

Just waiting for the festivities to begin

Inseparable cousins and best friends

Here's Grandpa (Shrimps) taking a little break before the clock strikes midnight.

The two little men

Jill and her little shadow

Monopoly - the All American non-competitive game - Not!

And finally, announcing 2009 (even though it was really only 11:00 p.m.) The younger kids were falling asleep and we knew they wouldn't make it to midnight, so we poppered early.

The poppers can make you crazy.

The explosion of the poppers. :)
I think it could really start a new trend.

Friends for life

Who is this "old lady" with the huuuuuuge glasses?

Oh, to have such long locks of curls.

Is it a clown? Is it a fancy lady? Or is it Kevin?

Amazing Grandparents

Another set of amazing grandparents
Thanks for the great times and the good memories.


Annie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I even recognized most of those people. Where was Troy though? Welcome home!

Amber said...

So much fun! Glad you had a great time...minus the sickness. That is the worst!!

Mel said...

I love seeing your pictures! It helps me visualize your fun times in Cali. It's so fun you have a fun place to go! And I know your family is the best!!!!!!!!!!

Race Fam said...

How fun, aren't cousins the best! :) So fun, I am surprised Ambri didn't sneak in the back of your car and ride all the way to Utah without you noticing. That would have put our attempts to shame!

Amos said...

Those are some great pictures!!! We had lots of fun with you while you were here. Can't wait for round #2 -- Maybe this summer:)
We love you guys tons.

Larson said...

LOVE all the dress ups. It is always fun at your Moms house. Cousins are the best! What a fun Christmas and New Years! Can't wait to get together soon!

Emily said...

Sounds like y'all had so much fun. Going home is the best. I love it! I also love, love, love your mom and dad. We always look forward to their visits!

Mariah Kinnley said...

Wow. cool family! You really can get crazy with poppers on New Years! Cool disguises, they looked really funny! I also love the background on your blog!

Mark said...

I once knew a guy named Zaron "Z-Dog" Nelson while on my mission in Argentina. He was a great guy, and I've often wondered how he's doing now. Then, somehow I came across this blog of him and his family, and now know that he's enjoying life with his lovely family.

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself Zaron. Have fun!!!