Thursday, October 16, 2008

The reasons for my weirdness

My sister-in-law Krissi tagged me. I'm supposed to list my 6 quirks. I know, it's going to be hard to limit it to six, I'm pretty quirky!!

Quirk #1
I am deathly afraid of crowds, a crowd meaning more than about 8 people. Okay, maybe not deathly afraid, but it does cause me anxiety and feelings of panic in my stomach. I try to avoid them at all cost. Ward parties are definitely out!
Quirk #2
I am completely obsessed with mysteries, whether it's books, t.v. shows, or movies. They absolutely fascinate me. I could read them or watch them over and over again, and I do.
Quirk #3
I love to sleep with the window open, but I can't sleep with anyone touching me. I need my space. I know, so sad for Zaron.
Quirk #4
I am extremely afraid of the dark. I don't know, maybe it's from all the scary movies that I watched as a kid at our cousin slumber parties. (Watcher in the woods, Changeling, Wait until dark, Something wicked this way comes - total classics, but totally scary.)
Quirk #5
I am a freak about conserving electricity and water, as I'm sure my family will tell you. I hate it when the lights are left on and no one is in the room or water is left running unnecessarily.
Quirk #6
Actually this isn't a quirk anymore, but I used to have to have the kitchen spotless before I went to bed. It's no longer the case. I can totally go to bed with the table full of dinner dishes and the counters cluttered with who knows what.
And the list could go on and on and on, but I think that's enough for now!!


Amos said...

I learned new things about you. I knew about some of those, but not all. I didn't know about the crowd thing. So when you were at the finish line in St. George with the big crowd it was probably causing you panic. Right? That makes the fact that you were there even more cool. You are the Best!!!!
BTW, I decided that I am not going to participate in the 100 mile bike ride this time around. Sorry to disappoint. But you guys go and have fun. Maybe I will be at the finish line for you like you were for me.

Annie said...

What is it with you and Amy and you issues with the "night". Did you guys sleep in the same room growing up? Hope you don't mind me putting you on my blog list. And hope you're still up fot the Golden Corral. There will be a "crowd" there??? :)

The Larson Family said...

Interesting! Think of it....Crowds (cousin events), Scary Movies (cousin events), Mysteries (Twilight Zone Marathons, and the big Mystery at the Cabin Lodge (thus more cousin events). I see a theme here! Cousins are Quirks - or the reasons for your weirdness!!?? Just kidding! This is fun to read and you are not weird!!! :0)

go_laura said...

I love the no touching during sleep! I'm totally the same way! I'm fine to snuggle for about 2 minutes, but then, I prefer to be on my side of the bed - untouched - so I can sleep :)

I like your quirks -- we've all got them, it's what makes us interesting :) (So - are you going to enrichment on Tuesday?? :)

Emily said...

I don't like scary movies but Wait Until Dark is awesome! It was fun to learn new things about you.

Emily said...

Your quirks are awesome. I think konwing people's quirks make them more interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Race Fam said...

I still am scared of the Changeling! I think I must have been 4 or 5 when I first watched it with you crazy people. I can't believe you don't like crowds, you are so good with people!

Carl and Mel said...

Funny! I loved the kitchen comment, isn't it true, sometimes we are just too tired. I also don't like to be touched when I am sleeping!! No spooning aloud!